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Our Tesla Model 3 Delivery Experience

Make the most out of your experience by understanding what to expect from a Tesla Delivery

When it comes to the Tesla delivery, we’ve heard a wide range of experiences from extremely disappointed to pleasantly surprised. Given the number of different factors that can impact the delivery experience, we are fortunate to share that our experience picking up our Model 3 was pretty seamless.

On the day of delivery, we checked into the delivery centre 15 minutes before our scheduled time. Shortly after, a representative came over to complete the paperwork and after a couple of signatures we were on the way to check out our new car.

The delivery experience started with an overview of the basic components of the Model 3. The Delivery Specialist covered topics including:

  • Using the Key Card and setting up the Phone Key to open doors and start the car

  • Creating driver profiles

  • Adjusting settings such as mirrors, heating and cooling

  • Overview of the navigation system including how to find the closest Superchargers

  • Walkthrough of connecting to a Tesla Supercharger and initiating a charge

Next we went into the quality check and the Delivery Specialist took a picture of all the issues we spotted so we could get it fixed at a later time at an authorized body shop. Tesla has been known for not catching finish defects, so we made sure to allocate a good amount of time towards this process. Most of the defects we found were small issues such as paint bubbles and chips. After our allocated 30 minutes, the Specialist was off to his next customer. At no time was there any attempt to up-sell or sell us on any extras.

Overall, our delivery experience went as expected because we were familiar with the car and knew what to look out for, but if you’ve never been through the process and need more detail, this process can feel pretty rushed. The good thing is that we’ve found that there is always someone at the Tesla Showroom that is willing to help and you can make an appointment to come back at another time dive deeper into your Model 3.

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