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Top 5 Tesla Infotainment Features We Discovered

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

While most Tesla owners find satisfaction from the performance and advantages of an electric vehicle, many of us are also pleasantly surprised by the many features found within the Tesla Infotainment system.

In this post, we’ve rounded up some of the most fun and unexpected features that can be found in Tesla cars, that we hope will keep you entertained and amused. These are especially appreciated when you are taking a break from the road, at Superchargers, parking lots or rest stops. Check them out and let us know if there are any other features that are worth discovering.

Tesla Arcade

You don’t have to be a hardcore gamer to appreciate the inclusion of Tesla Arcade in all Tesla vehicles. With Tesla Arcade, you can easily game on the go, which definitely helps pass the time when you’re plugged in.

The Tesla Arcade can be found in the Entertainment section on the touchscreen and it has a decent library of games to choose from including classics like Asteroids as well as more contemporary games like Cuphead, Stardew Valley and Fallout Shelter. While most titles are fun in their own right, it was the unique implementation of Beach Buggy Racing 2 that really captured our attention. This game uniquely lets you use the car’s actual steering wheel and brake pedal to control the onscreen buggy, delivering an immersive gaming experience. The developer, Vector Unit, also customized the game by making the in game vehicle a Tesla which mirrors your real life Tesla, and lining the racetracks with Superchargers. There’s even a character modelled after Starman, the mannequin strapped into the Roadster that Musk shot into space.

Many of the titles may have options to control gameplay through the touchscreen, the steering wheel or even a connected game controller. If you want to enjoy the game with a wireless controller, you can plug in a Bluetooth adapter which allows you to play the games with popular controller options from PlayStation and Xbox.

Emissions Testing Mode (aka Fart Mode)

We often use this option on unsuspecting, first time Tesla passengers. Cleverly disguised as Emissions Testing Mode within the Tesla Toybox, this feature does not actually have anything to do with actual emission testing and everything to do with flatulence.

Surprisingly, this mode comes with a lot of choices for customization. There are six different fart sounds to select from, and the chosen sounds can be played at various seat locations around the cabin. These selections can be activated by pressing the touchscreen, by using ‘Fart on demand’ while pressing the left scroll wheel or you can activate the farting noises when the turn signals are used.

Tesla definitely put a lot of thought into making this the most unusual but entertaining features Tesla driver's have come across.

Tesla Easter Eggs

Tesla is known for hiding clever Easter eggs in their vehicles and it's these unique and thoughtful details that can make driving a Tesla fun. These hidden features are meant for users to stumble upon and Tesla continuously adds more Easter eggs with over-the-air software updates.

Some of the original Easter eggs like Rainbow Road and Santa Mode were so popular that Tesla created a permanent location in the Toybox which allows one-touch access to some of the previously discovered Tesla Easter eggs.

In addition to some of the classics found in Toybox, here are some additional Easter eggs that continue to amuse Tesla drivers.

Back to the Future: Plug in your Tesla to charge and when the charge reaches a range of 121 miles, click the battery icon on the Tesla app. This will launch a Back to the Future mode with tons of references to the movie classic.

Rainbow charger: With the charger plugged in, press the button on the charging handle 10 times in quick succession, and the charging port will light up in the colors of the rainbow.


Tesla cars manufactured after September 1, 2019, come with built-in external speakers as part of the pedestrian warning system. This was implemented after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mandated that electric cars emit some kind of noise when traveling at low speeds to alert pedestrians and cyclists. Leave it to Tesla to take this mundane requirement and turn it into something entertaining.

As the name implies, Boombox allows you to broadcast custom audio on the outside of the car, essentially turning your Tesla into a boombox. Turn up the volume and entertain a crowd with your media system when the car is parked.

Boombox also allows you to customize the sound your car makes when you press the horn, drive the car or when your car is moving with Summon. Choose from preset sounds like a goat baaing, applause, and of course everyone’s favorite farting options, or add up to 5 of your own sounds to alert unsuspecting pedestrians of your presence.


Tesla vehicles have no shortage of features to keep you entertained when you’re waiting in your car. TRAX is a digital audio workstation found in Tesla’s Toybox that lets you make music and save it for future playback. You can adjust the tempo, add multiple instruments and record your tracks to start creating original music right in your car.

With unique features like TRAX and Tesla Arcade, many believe that Tesla is redefining the concept of in-car entertainment. It is this attention to detail, that will keep Tesla fans coming back for more.

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